Tuesday, 20 February 2018

About me

I am crazy about, mansions and rich stuff.
I am addicted to my tv and computer.
I am never tired of  tv, rainbows end, and burger king
I can consume a whole packet of donuts while watching the flash.
I wear gel and sandal always.
I love to eat Burger king climb trees and watch movies
I like play tag with my cousins and brother on a tree.
I like to  go shopping for junk food.

Friday, 17 November 2017

luckys iphone case


iPhone case

On Monday Rushed come into our class and we had to do the 3d printing. we had done 3d printing before so we went straight into it. First I had to make a box with fillet edges. Second we had to make a hole in that box the size to put the phone in. after you have done that put a hole where the apple logo will be and put a box where the carma will next is the headphone jack, charging cable, volume buttons, the power of sitch and seekers. Put a hole For the volume and the power of bottom so you can press it. Also put it on the headphone jack and charger. Now the last step is to do the measurements of your phones inside so the phone can fit in it. I really enjoyed when we had to do the sides as fillet and now I am finished I can't wait to get it printed.

Monday, 30 October 2017

All about my mum and dad

All about my mum
My mum is a very good cook she makes cakes very very good. She is a very nice mum she likes to do news listen and read the news as well she also likes to play with playing cards. Some nights my whole family plays with playing cards and my dad is the main cheater sometimes. Me and my mum watch movies when my dad and my brother are going to my brother's school for a meeting.mym8 says not to watch too much on my iPad because it will effect my eyes

My dad
My dad is very kind and we go to the movies and he gives me burger king every Friday night. My dad helps me with my work and gives chocolate every 3 days. Sometimes my dad gets grumpy because I am not doing my work. Well, all parents do that I think? My dad likes to watch the news on the tv. He also likes to play soccer but he gets tired quickly but it's fun. My dad also likes to play on the Xbox with me and on the  two play

Cousin my cousin dad my dad and me brother play cricket at the park every week or 2.  

IN are class every day we can do free writing and i did this